Lynn Faust

Georgia has incredible diversity of habitat, plants and wildlife, including high numbers of firefly (lightning bug) species.

In addition to many less obvious night time and daytime lightning bugs, in the correct dark setting, North Georgia has spectacular displays of certain species like Snappy Syncs, the Smokies Syncs, the Christmas Lights, Blue Ghosts and Big Dippers; and interestingly, has several extremely rare species, Loopy 5s and Pointy Lobed, which experts are still discovering and documenting.”

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Firefly Fact Hunt

Enjoy visiting our beautiful parks to complete this Firefly Fact Hunt. Return this sheet to the Visitor’s Center for a prize. Click here for a printable image.

A step-by-step guide on taking care of fireflies and how to catch and release them safely.

How to Safely View Fireflies

Make an origami firefly.

Learn more about fireflies.

Fireflies of Georgia Flyer

Fireflies of Georgia Poster
Lynn Faust

Becky Griffin, UGA Extension, sat down with firefly expert, Lynn Faust, to talk about Faust’s experience in researching fireflies and the wonder of North Georgia lightning bugs! 

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